I . T . R . E . D


In order to count with an institutional instrument that democratize the investment in the real estate market, that offers important fiscal and liquidity advantages to the investors we have programmed to constitute LANDMASTERS TRUST, an investment trust in real estate or its equivalent  in U.S.A. a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) denominated in Mexico as FIBRA (Infrastructure Trusts and Real estate), for which with the support of the academic institutions and the most prestigious attorneys, financial and fiscal offices, instruction frames are being elaborated , based on the schemes and structures that have been  successful all over the world, waiting for their implementation that the legal and fiscal regulation be optimal by the corresponding Mexican authorities.

The approach of LANDMASTERS TRUST is based on being the real estate’s investment instrument of greater return in the market, from the added value that gives generating thousands of properties monthly through the LANDMASTERS NETWORK and all their products.

The programmed scheme of structuring is based on the following flow chart:



LANDMASTERS Mexico. Leader Company in real estate investment instruments.

  • LANDMASTERS OPERATOR MB Asesores Unidos,  made up by the following units:
    • PRS. (Properties’ Researching and Scouting): It is part of LANDMASTERS FRANCHISE.
    • System of Standard and accelerated growth of geographic cover through Franchises.
      • Logistic
      • Operations in Field
      • Data Telephone Surveying
      • Information Processing, documentation and file
      • Graphical and electronic presentation
    • IPE. Investment’s Projects Evaluation.
      • Legal Audit: In order to guarantee the legality and foundations of law.
      • Formalities Engineering : In order to obtain the feasibilities, licenses and in the cases that is required, the standardizing of the buildings.
      • Technical studies: topographic, ground’s mechanic and special.
      • Marketing studies with demographic, qualitative and quantitative approach of market and positioning, determining the optimal vocation of each building.
      • Architectonic first draft in function to the objective and its operative functionality.
      • Financial feasibility analysis looking for the expected yield of the investment.
      • Executive project, with the technical and architectonic details for its execution.
      • Construction through professional bidding that guarantees optimal times, quality and costs.
      • Trading through our exclusive system ELECTROMARKETING.
      • Management of the developments.
    • DDE. Design and Development’s Execution.
      • Formalities Engineering: Proceedings, Licenses, Feasibilities, Permissions, etc.
      • Executive Projects development.
      • Presentations development.
      • Biddings’ working on and coordination.
      • Searching, Evaluation and Hiring of External Companies by specialty.
      • Allocation’s Contract and Coordination of External Companies.
      • Administrative Work Supervision.
      • Architectonic Work Leading.
      • Quality Control.
      • Building.

    • BA. Building’s Administration.
      • Promotion
      • Hiring
      • Renovations and renewals
      • Documentation’s  development
      • Collecting
      • Payments
      • Payrolls
      • Maintenance and supervision
      • Administrative managements
      • Settlements
      • Taxes and rights
      • Statistics

    • REAS. Real Estate Advisory Services
      • Formalities Engineering.
      • Financial Services.
        • Prices Homologation.
        • Value Opinion.
        • Estimates.
        • Mortgage Credits.
        • Finance and Insurances.
      • Legal Services.
        • Legal Negotiation’s Support.
        • Notaries Support
  • LANDMASTERS TRUST. Investment Trust and Real Estate Development, that is made up by the following specialties:
    • LANDMASTERS TRUST 1. Commercial
    • LANDMASTERS TRUST 2. Residential
    • LANDMASTERS TRUST 3. Industrial
    • LANDMASTERS TRUST 4. Tourist
    • LANDMASTERS TRUST 5. Specialty
  • REAL ESTATE PROPIETARIES:  Are everyone that wish to contribute their properties for development and receive participation certificates in exchange.
  • LANDMASTERS CAPITAL. Anonymous Society in charge of stocks dealing.
    • Stocks and CPOs positioning.
  • Capitals’ Market. Mexican Stock Exchange Market.
Internal Use
LandMasters´ M2 (Open real estate stock) discharge, drop and changes
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